The Safest Model

The safest model

The Noveprim Cynomolgus monkey is naturally free from SRV, SIV, STLV, B-Virus, filoviruses, rabies, malaria, dengue and chickungunya which are pathogens commonly found in most macaques and that would seriously compromise research outcomes, monkey health and human safety. Above these natural advantages, Noveprim has implemented a strong series of measures to ensure that the colony stays also free from tuberculosis and parasites:

  • Closed colony: Noveprim does not trap any monkey from the wild
  • Strict sanitary zoning & barriers
  • An efficient prophylactic program
  • Regular examination and screening of all monkeys qualified veterinarians
  • Powerful SIMIOS ® software (The animal data history management software)
  • A comprehensive pest control plan.

All these outstanding features make the Noveprim Cynomolgus monkey a uniquely safe asset for biomedical research.