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Medical progress

Through the commitment of Noveprim to provide the best research model to the scientific community, the Mauritius macaque plays an essential role in fighting major diseases such as diabetes, Polio, Parkinson, Alzheimer, cardiovascular diseases, tuberculosis, atherosclerosis, cancer and numerous infectious diseases.

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Closed F2 producing colony

Noveprim operates in closed colony and is breeding mainly F2 monkeys from parents themselves born and raised in captivity. These breeding practices not only improve animal welfare with primates born in captivity hence very well adapted to these conditions but they also significantly reduce all sanitary risks associated with the introduction of wild caught primates into established colonies.

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Worldwide availability

Noveprim supplies european and north american markets either directly in a just in time manner or instantly through local distributors in Europe or in North America thus reducing lead time.

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Multiple models

With its large colony size and its staff expertise, Noveprim is able to propose a wide variety cynomolgus macaques models ranging from juveniles to sexually mature adults. Additionnal screening services are available to confirm sexual maturity, cycling or any other specific condition (diabetes, osteoporosis...).

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International standards

Noveprim is AAALAC accredited since 2006 and ISO9001:2008 certified for all activities.

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Advanced socialization

Part of the behaviour management program, involves daily socialization sessions between monkeys and a team of dedicated behaviour specialists.

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Veterinary clinic

The centralized veterinary clinic is an essential tool to maintain high standard animal vet care. It is equipped with Isoflurane gaz anesthesia, aseptic surgery suite, medical imaging tools (X-ray and ultrasound) as well as a wide variety of instruments required to maintain good animal health & well being.

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Maintenance of client colonies

Noveprim offers a boarding service that allows customers to maintain and manage their own colony locally. A web based colony management tool gives the customer live access to his animal colony.

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Serum Bank

A large pool of thousands of frozen serum samples is stored in a special cold room which includes sera from every monkey exported to clients. This may be used for retrospective investigation.

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Training and conditionning

Use of positive reniforcement technique is widelly integrated in activities to help monkeys cooperate. Additional behavioral training can be performed upon special request.

Choosing the Noveprim Cynomolgus monkey is building medical progress on:

The safest model

The Noveprim Cynomolgus monkey is naturally free from SRV, SIV, STLV, B-Virus, filoviruses, rabies, malaria, dengue and chickungunya...

The most reproducible model

Numerous genetic investigations revealed that the Mauritius Cynomolgus Monkey genetic profile is ideal for most research projects...

The highest quality model

Over the past 20 years, Noveprim forged its reputation by supplying the highest quality macaque to the biomedical research laboratories...

Working with Noveprim is selecting a partner with a strong commitment to:

Animal welfare

Noveprim highest priorities are ethics & animal Welfare. This animal oriented philosophy is the backbone of Noveprim practices:

1. Noveprim is AAALAC accredited since 2006 and has its own ethics committee.

2. Husbandry practices exceed all international regulations in vigor: all monkeys are socially housed in highly enriched semi outdoor enclosures...


Noveprim offers several value propositions to its partners:

1. Boarding facilities in country of origin in dedicated area at attractive rates.

2. Just in time delivery all over the world...

3. Real time web-access to client owned animal data boarded in its facilities...


Simios ®, the exclusive Noveprim animal history & data management software allows the storage and analysis of millions of data records. Major Animal life event from birth date, together with comprehensive medical, husbandry and behavioral records are kept in this database...